Carn Brea & The Great Flat Lode

We are continuing to have a relatively dry winter, this weekend was quite bleak though with a cold easterly wind.

On Saturday we did another inland walk- the "Carn Brea" walk from the I Walk Cornwall App, this includes sections of the Great Flat Lode trail which we had walked previously.

We had two dogs this weekend to help with walk testing. Most of this 6 mile long walk was off road on a variety of footpaths, bridleways and the multi use Great Flat Lode trail. There were a few short sections on the roads too.

There are some far reaching views from the top of Carn Brea, and the landscape includes a mixture of countryside and old mine workings.

It's fair to say that the walk also passes some fairly run down small holdings etc. There are also views of Camborne, Pool & Redruth from the top of Carn Brea which are unlikely to find their way onto a postcard or calendar!

We enjoyed the walk and it gives a good insight into historical Cornwall and modern day Cornwall away from the scenic coastline.

  View of Carn Brea & Wheal Frances
     Mine workings at Wheal Basset

 Carn Brea "Castle" is built on firm if unconventional foundations.

It was a hunting lodge for the Basset family but is now a restaurant. (Open evenings only)

     This rock on Carn Brea has been sculpted by water falling on top of it and freezing
     The monument on top of Carn Brea can be seen for miles around and commemorates Sir Francis Basset.
The remains of the boiler room at Wheal Frances are impressively built and resemble an old abbey rather than an industrial building.   Carn Brea from Wheal Frances