Porthcurno to Mousehole walk

Our latest walk took us from Porthcurno, home of the Minack Theatre and Telegraph Museum, via several picturesque coves to Mousehole. This is a 9 mile walk and includes quite a lot of ascent and descent so took us almost 5 hours including quite a few stops for photos and tea breaks. There is a cafe in Porthcurno itself, the next cafes are not until Lamorna which is about 7 miles into the walk, so it is best to carry some supplies. There are plenty of refreshment options on reaching Mousehole.

We had a car at either end of the route. There are no direct bus services between Mousehole and Porthcurno but it is possible to change in Penzance. There are also some circular routes covering some of this stretch of path that can be seen on the iWalk Cornwall or south west coast path websites.


  Leaving Porthcurno the path was surrounded by a white tunnel of blackthorn blossom and the "white bells"of the 3 cornered leeks.
  More blackthorn blossom in the foreground with Logan Rock behind.

Logan (pronounced Logg-un) rock is an 80 ton granite boulder that was finely balanced and could be made to rock with only gentle pressure.It used to be a popular tourist attraction in the 1800s when people would visit to see the rocking stone. The stone was dislodged in 1824 by some Naval officers who were made to replace it at considerable cost and effort.


Pednvounder Beach between Porthcurno and the Logan Rock at Treen is lovely when the tide is out.

Clothes are optional!


Further along the coast is the scenic Penberth cove.

  A small number of fishing boats continue to use Penberth cove but the capstan is no longer in use.
  Bluebells on the cliff above Porthgurnon.
  The path passes a lovely sheltered garden at St Loy.
  A section of the path runs along the boulder beach at St Loy.
  A nice, flat section of path on the approach to Mousehole.
  Mousehole (pronounced Mowzel) is an attractive fishing village that is famous for its display of Christmas lights as well as Star Gazey Pie.
  The harbour is sheltered and there are a couple of small areas of beach that make a good spot for paddling on a sunny day.