Zennor to Halsetown walk

The walk along the coast path between Zennor and St Ives is a strenuous but popular walk. We drove to Zennor and walked back to Halsetown via St Ives. An alternative but longer walk is to take the coast path in one direction between St Ives and Zennor and then return via the inland path across fields which is a lot easier than the coastal route. Today was misty and windy but there were still some nice views and it was good to see the primroses and violets blooming beside the path.

Some of the many primroses flowering along the route    
An interesting rock formation "The feral Sphinx"    Violets are blue

View of St Ives from Clodgy point.

"Clodgy" comes from the Cornish words for sick-house

and was home to people with leprosy who were isolated there


The last stretch of coast path on the approach to Porthmeor

beach. Unfortunately most of the route isn't this smooth!